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Second Generation

Shreem Capital was founded in 2017 by Jiger Patel, Bhavin Patel, and Dayakar Puskoor to leverage our unique skill sets to generate passive income and capital appreciation through hospitality real estate investing. 



2021 100 M AUM
100 M AUM

Grown to 100M Assets Under Management

2017 The Idea
The Idea

In 2017, Bhavin introduced Dayakar to Jiger and proposed leveraging all of our skill sets to assist our core family and friends investors in diversifying their investments into hospitality real estate to generate passive income and long-term capital appreciation. This would also allow our own capital to diversify into a wide range of hospitality assets, improving the risk profile for all investors and resulting in a better alignment of interests.

2014 The Opportunity
The Opportunity

Bhavin graduated from Texas A&M with a finance degree in 2014 and began working for Dayakar Puskoor at Naya Ventures. Naya Ventures (now Dallas Venture Capital) was a $50 million fund that focused on early-stage investments in cloud, mobile, and big data.

2012 The Second Generation
The Second Generation

Jiger took over the family business in 2012 and continued to expand the portfolio.

2008 The Shift
The Shift

After selling the hotel in Hot Springs, our family relocated to Dallas, Texas amid the mortgage crisis in 2008. During this time, Bhavin and Jiger assisted the family in expanding its hotel portfolio by acquiring distressed assets in the budget and low-midscale segments.

2006 First Feat
First Feat
After a few years of working for others, our parents acquired their first hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas – a feat that required a tremendous amount of grit, determination, and perseverance, all of which were the pillars of success that our parents instilled in us from a very young age.
2000 The Foundations
The Foundations
Jiger and Bhavin were eight and twelve years old, respectively, when our parents immigrated to the United States and began working as housekeepers and front office operations in a small hotel in Indiana. We kept ourselves busy from a young age by assisting our mother in vacuuming hotel rooms, stripping linens, assisting dad in fixing hotel maintenance issues, and working the front desk.