Bhavin Patel

CEO, Managing Partner, Founder – Shreem Capital

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Bhavin Patel

CEO, Managing Partner, Founder

As the Founder and Managing Principal, Bhavin is responsible for all aspects of the acquisition, development, and management process and is extremely hands-on in all strategic decisions on a daily basis. He has well-rounded experience in finance, entrepreneurship, and hospitality real estate from a nascent age of merely eight years.

He began assisting his parents in their pursuit of the American dream when he was eight years old. Working in housekeeping, maintenance, and front office operations with his parents helped him develop the skills needed to succeed in any professional endeavor in life. He learned that success does not come easily to anyone who achieves it – it is an emotionally draining journey filled with pain, struggles, and mistakes that one must face in order to push the boundaries of success. 

Bhavin considers himself fortunate to have gone through this process early in his life, as it laid the groundwork for his continued success with Shreem Capital.