Dayakar Puskoor

Founder and Advisor, Shreem Capital

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Dayakar Puskoor

Founder and Advisor

Dayakar Puskoor, Founder and Managing Director of Dallas Venture Capital (DVC), is a serial entrepreneur turned visionary investor, who had the foresight to launch one of the first tech-focused venture funds. Headquartered in post-telecom Dallas, the fund invested in several pioneering early-stage startups in the cloud, AI/ML, and mobile technologies in Dallas, Silicon Valley, Seattle, and India.

Dayakar is passionate about mentoring startup founding teams and operates under the Invest, Engage, Collaborate, Grow, and Exit philosophy. This philosophy’s spirit has resulted in several game-changing transformations and winning exits for startups. His mantra of “Entrepreneur investing in other Entrepreneurs” has resulted in a mutually beneficial ecosystem of Investors, Advisors, and Startups.

Shreem has been able to scale and create tremendous financial value with a consistent source of passive income for our investors’ thanks to Dayakar’s extensive fund management and capital raising experience. Shreem’s technology experience has also led to him looking for new ways to drive efficiencies in how we operate