Jiger Patel

Founder and Managing Partner, Shreem Capital
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Jiger Patel - Founder of Shreem Capital

Jiger Patel

Founder and Managing Partner

As a Founder and Managing Principal, Jiger is responsible for all aspects of acquisition, development, and management with a keen focus on efficient management of hotel operations to drive increased NOI.

Jiger, like Bhavin, was a part of the family’s journey to success in the hospitality business from the age of twelve. He realized his true passion was being constantly challenged growing up in an entrepreneurial family after graduating with an information systems degree and working as a software engineer in 2010, which resulted in him taking over the family hotel business as the parents retired.

Jiger has over 20 years of hospitality real estate investing experience, having transacted on over $200mm of hospitality real estate and weathered various down and upcycles without losing a dime while focusing on risk management and diversification. After the 2008 financial crisis, he expanded the family’s hotel portfolio and delivered exceptional results.

In 2017, Bhavin, Jiger, and Dayakar founded Shreem Capital to leverage valuable and unique individual skill sets to scale the hospitality portfolio on behalf of investors through a targeted strategy.